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With 10 years'experience on disposable gloves,we devot to provide customers high quanlity gloves with resonable price,
better service and safer delivery.Nowadays. we already become the most important business partner and stble supplier for our customers.

We are really build factory with a very excellent working environment,clean workshop,high-quality workers and premlum
quality products.we can produce widely range of nonwoven products from head to foot,we provide total solutions for healthcare and personal protection.

Our pe products have very good performance on food industry,cleaning undustry,hair and besuty salon and industry protection.
Products sell to over 20 country and area.products including pe glove,PE apron,CPE gown,PE shoe cover.etc.the total protection from hear to foot.

At chongjen we design and produce high-quality disposable and reusable products at our plant.Our products including hot and cold gel therapy pack,
instant ice pack,instant hot pack,ice bag,heat patch,and cooling patch etc.Thousands of products are used by all the people help them recover from sprains.

Professor of healthcare and personal protection.